I create complex, three dimensional sculptures using macrame and fisherman's knotting techniques, using materials that best serve the piece.

I develop intricate, tactile structures that are self supporting, defying the delicate and flexible nature of the material. They do not rely on rigid materials to assist in the composition.

I like to challenge myself by working with new materials and I am beginning a journey of researching historical knotting techniques, exploring how these methods can assist me in my creative process. My sculptures are inspired by my environment and reflect my feelings and emotions.

I currently work as a full-time contemporary artist in my Brighton studio in the UK but I love to share my sculptures with an International audience.
Every piece I create is unique and they bring with them their own challenges both structurally and visually.

As an artist, I enjoy the exploration of abstract form, conceptualism and figurative art in my painting, sketches and sculptures.
I was born in Dorset in 1975 and I have a lifelong passion for art and animation.
I pursued this passion at Arts University Bournemouth, where I benefited from the guidance of remarkable lecturers such as Peter Parr and Peter Symons.
I embarked on a successful career in the animation industry, producing work for various TV channels and screening my work at many prestigious animation and film festivals around the world.

I trained as a Further & Higher Education teacher where I had the opportunity to teach animation and digital media to students of all ages, diverse backgrounds and abilities, especially those who encountered obstacles to learning.
In addition to my teaching and animation work, I co-founded and managed Stilton Studios, a multimedia business that offered high-quality digital design solutions for clients across the UK and abroad.

My artistic journey took a new direction in 2020, when the Covid pandemic made me rekindle my initial love of the arts.
I decided to devote myself entirely to my sculpture, experimenting with techniques, size, form and materials. I currently work as a full-time contemporary artist in my Brighton studio, where I continue to experiment and evolve. My hope is to travel with my sculptures reaching a more International audience.

Exhibitions: Manhattan New York, Boomer Gallery Tower Bridge London, The Cab Run & Hippodrome Show Brighton UK, Art Basel Switzerland, Swiss Art Expo Zurich, The Other Art Fair London, AKA Contemporary Cambridge UK, Emerging Woman Artist Virtual Exhibition, Biennale Artbox Expo Venizia 2.0, Ulverston Art House UK.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
Gallery@OXO Duo show London Southbank UK

Awards & Accolades:
* Finalist in Sculpture 2023Visual Arts Open (VAO)
* Shortlisted for the prestigious Boomer Art Prize 2023
* Finalist Top 50 – Emerging Woman Artist Award 2024
* Longlisted – Artist of the Year Award 2024 – Visual Artists Association (VAA)