NEW WORK – November 2023

Gravity’s Grace

Medium: Macrame string
Height:70cm Width:14cm Depth: 15cm Weight: 0.05kg

Inspiration for this new work comes from the old fisherman’s knotting techniques used on sail boats. In this piece, what has emerged from a specific knot type and nature’s force of gravity is a form that has evolved, is not contrived or placed. The artist has used the string to convey energy and movement, and the curves of the sculpture invite the viewer to follow them.

Initially the artist started this piece with the motivation to portray a sense of chaos in their life at the moment but ended up creating something quite gentle and curvaceous. Maybe this suggests that there is beauty and serenity amidst the chaos, we just have to find it.

Order from disorder

September 2023
Medium: Free standing Sculpture – Invisible String
Width:18cm Height:12cm Depth: 18cm Weight: 0.08kg

This piece reflects the creative struggle with a challenging material.
The artist uses invisible string, a high-tensile and unwieldy material to create an intricate, almost glass-like structure.

The string is unpredictable, unruly, and resistant to the artist’s attempts to shape it. The artist has used various methods to tame it, such as pegs, tape, and knots, but the string has a mind of its own. It unravels and twists in unexpected ways.

The result is a piece that is both organic and uniform, chaotic and harmonious. The artist embraced the spontaneity and surprise of the creative process.

This piece is a response to their physical and emotional journey, as they overcame the challenges, string burns, eye strain, frustration, and doubt to reveal the hidden beauty of the invisible string, the fractile-like patterns in its form and delicate shapes cast by light and shadow.

Come Together

August 2023
Medium: Silver & red string
Height: 10cm Width: 34cm Depth: 22cm Weight: 0.06kg

This piece is a celebration and an expression of the intimate connection between human beings. It goes beyond the superficial level and delves into the deeper subconscious and the essence of connection.

The act of joining or uniting physically, is a primal and powerful way of nourishing the human psyche and creating a bond, a connectivity, a closeness. It is a delicate and fragile balance that can be easily broken or lost.

The chains in this piece represent this balance. They are intricate and vulnerable in their nature.

Every end is a new beginning
Medium: String (using Macrame techniques), wood and copper
Height: 60cm Width: 60cm Depth: 60cm

The artist explores the tension between concealment and disclosure in their latest sculpture, a cube that symbolizes their personal boundaries and self-image.

The cube is both a container and a construct, holding the artist’s emotions in the form of words inside, while also reflecting the artist’s choices of what to reveal and what to withhold.

The sculpture invites the viewer to question the nature and origin of privacy, and how it shapes our identity and behaviour. The artist suggests that privacy is not a given, but a result of inhibition, and that without inhibition there would be no box.

March 2023

Gold Tetrahedron (Triangular Pyramid)
Medium: Gold string
Height: 55cm Width: 55cm Depth: 55cm

Jan 2023

The Diamond
Medium: string / florescent pink spray
Height: 50cm Width: 29cm Depth: 29cm

Silver Orb
Medium: Silver string
Height: 54cm Width: 50cm Depth: 50cm Weight: 175g

Concrete sculptures created in Lockdown.